So you’re looking to schedule a photoshoot! I am sure a ton of questions are running through your mind right about now so I want to help answer some of those so all you have to worry about is smiling for the camera!

Before the Session:

How far in advance do I need to book?

You should reach out to schedule about three weeks in advance. Sometimes I might have something sooner but three weeks is safe.

What if the weather is bad?

 I am ALWAYS looking at my weather app! If it is going to be really bad, we can reschedule or maybe push back or up our time. There are always alternatives to bad weather too - a cute umbrella, an overhanging roof..we can figure it out!

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?


What should I wear?

I want you to feel your absolute best and be comfortable too! You’re always safe with neutral tones with a pop of color. I would steer clear from a lot of patterns, especially in a family photo shoot.

Can I have an outfit change?

This is depending on the package that you choose.

How do I pick a good location?

You are not alone in picking a location! I am always here to help you decide and make suggestions. Places that have “mini” locations within a location are best. For example, a field with a barn or smaller buildings on the property. This can help provide a larger variety in your photos.

When is my payment due?

Your full payment is due on the day of the shoot unless previously discussed.

Do I need a manicure?

You don’t have to have a full blown manicure but I would suggest neutral colors or plain. You don’t want to see super chipped polish in your photos!

Day of the Session:

How should I wear my hair?

How ever you feel the most beautiful! I wouldn’t try a new hairstyle the morning of your shoot though. If you want to try something, practice for a few days before!

How should I wear my makeup?

As a licensed Cosmetologist and also an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay - I offer full consultations on your hair and makeup once you book your shoot so please contact me and I’d love to help you!

I don’t know how to model or pose..will you tell me what to do?

Absolutely! Don’t you worry about a thing :)

Do I need to bring any props?

You do not have to bring any props but feel free to. I would just love if you can let me know ahead of time if possible.

After the Session:

How soon will I get my pictures back?

I can guarantee your pictures delivered to you by two weeks but I do love getting them back to you sooner!

Can I share my photos online?

I encourage it! I would also appreciate credit to Devin Lynn Photography.

Can I crop or edit any of my photos?

You are not permitted to crop or edited any of the photos I give back to you. I have already edited them and put a lot of time and love into creating them special for you! If there is something you would like done (ex. cropping for Facebook or Instagram) I would be more than happy to do it for you.

How do I order prints?

You can order prints right through my website or take them to a photo center (which I can recommend).

How will I receive my pictures?

You will receive your pictures be either a thumb drive, or through an online link that is password protected depending on the package you have chosen.

Equine Photo Specific Questions:

What if my barn is not pretty?

I like to find beauty in everything! If you are really concerned about the backdrops of your property though, I can recommend some places that we can haul out to!

How do I prepare and groom my horse?

Prepare your horse like you would for a horse show. The camera picks up a lot of detail so it’s important to take just can extra few minutes to pamper your equine friend!

Do I use a bridle, halter, saddle or nothing?

This is totally up to you. The only thing I would say is to have options - so have a few different things ready.

Should I work my horse before hand?

You are going to know your horse best so if you need to work them a little before hand go right ahead - just be careful of not getting them too sweaty or hot.

What if my horse if not being well behaved?

Patience is key! If your horse won’t stand still or is constantly circling around you, take a few moments to back them up and restart. Taking breaks is key. I try to give our equine friends a few breaks to walk around a little and release when they’re behaving. I am very thankful for fast camera though that can capture a quick moment.